Our Process

All our heirloom quality bench made upholstery is built using the same traditional methods that were in place decades ago.  Our frame shop builds the frames from solid hardwood, mainly maple, with integrated legs in a chosen species, such as walnut or mahogany.  Unlike inferior products, the legs are built into the frame for strength, not screwed on.  

The rear legs are a solid piece of wood running the entire length of the back.  The front legs are carved with a block at the top which serves as the corners where the rest of the frame comes together.  The entire frame is double doweled.  No screws are used in any joints.  

From there we spring up the seat and back, using traditional jute webbing, coil springs and tied by hand using natural tying twine. This is a painstaking process, but the results are a resilient seat deck which is the foundation of everything to come after.  Arguably this is the most important step.  The springs are covered with burlap and the deck is padded using a combination of hair and cotton.  This is known as a double stuffed deck and ensures that you never feel any springs or voids between them.  

Typically, unless otherwise requested, the front edge of the deck is made as a “spring edge”, which means the deck moves as you sit on the cushions to allow for maximum comfort. This avoids the resistance or solid feeling you have behind your legs on pieces of lesser quality. The back is padded with hair and hand stitched to the burlap. Another layer of burlap goes over the hair and the edges are formed by making a hand stitched edge roll. Every inch of the edges is formed slowly by hand with the upholsterer stitching the hair within the burlap into a hard roll to retain the edge shape as needed. 

This work is an art form in and of itself, we always like to photograph this part of the process for clients, to see what goes into their piece. After the arms are stuffed and shaped, we hand stitch down pads where necessary for added luxury and comfort. Your fabric is then hand cut to exact specifications and sewn and applied to the frame. 

Finally, we hand cut and fill the cushion inserts with the down content of your choice. Every piece is inspected for comfort and aesthetic beauty. The result is a product which is second to none.


The practice of applying fabric and padding to walls can beautify a room, while adding sound control.


There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to bedding to create a unique space.


Windows coverings are an integral part of making a room beautiful and giving a space a finished look.


Our skilled artisans use the finest materials and methods creating unique furniture, bringing your vision to life.

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