Every piece of bespoke upholstery we make goes through a rigorous process to ensure the utmost comfort and usability for each specific client as well as to ensure an aesthetically pleasing result which meets the vision of our client. The process begins with a visit to our showroom and workroom to begin the planning phase. Whether its a piece from our line or something completely bespoke, every detail is painstakingly thought out and refined. Seat heights, firmness, arm heights, finish, size, pitch, skirt type are just a few of the dozens of details that are considered in a single project.

Once the details are decided upon, full scale drawings are produced for the wood and upholstery shops (for customized pieces). The frame is put into production utilizing high quality kiln dried maple joined using the time honored technique of double wood dowels. This results in the most stable long lasting wood frame possible, keeping your piece solid for generations.

The frame is now ready to go to the upholstery shop. Here the frame is built upon. Natural Jute webbing provides a strong base layer to attach the coil springs, which are positioned and sized based on the comfort needs of each client. The springs are hand tied to the frame to create the all important deck. The horsehair is added and stitched to create the desired shape and feel. Layers of cotton and down pads round out the frame. All painstakingly applied, shaped and stitched by hand to create unrivaled luxury. Cushions are made using all down or a down and foam core depending on the clients preferences. The result is an upholstered masterpiece that has taken weeks to create and can be enjoyed for decades.


The practice of applying fabric and padding to walls can beautify a room, while adding sound control.


There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to bedding to create a unique space.


Windows coverings are an integral part of making a room beautiful and giving a space a finished look.


Our skilled artisans use the finest materials and methods creating unique furniture, bringing your vision to life.

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